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Members of the Beautiful Bovey organization will be going around Bovey and picking up metal items for recycling. They will use the money generated to purchase items to help beautify Bovey. Place metal items in the alley next to your garbage location or on the front boulevard if you place your garbage in front of your residence. 

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PLEASE DONATE   The Bovey Park Committee is asking for donations for the playground phase of the Park expansion. The expansion is planned to be West of the Greenway Sports Complex (ballfields) in Bovey. The Committee would like this to be a Greenway area community build for all ages to come together to make this dream come true. If you have any questions please call Kevin at 218-245-1633.

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Pet owners are reminded that pets mush be keep on a leash and all droppings must be picked up and disposed of properly. Please do your part in keeping the city clean.

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