The City of Bovey continues to take steps to protect our drinking water supply through the implementation of the City's Wellhead Protection Plan.  The Plan is a document prepared by members of the City Council, City Staff and the Minnesota Department of Health, which was adopted in 2011 to monitor activities and land uses that could potentially affect the City's drinking water.

    The drinking  Water Supply Management Area (DWSMA) is a specific area delineated as the recharge area for the City's wells.  This DWSMA must be monitored because the source water is moderately susceptable to contamination.  The City monitors uses and activities to avoid contamination from improperly constructed or maintained wells, nitrate-nitrogen from seepage and fertilizer, and contaminants such as fuels, solvents or pesticides.  The Wellhead Protection Plan is available for viewing or downloading on the City website.  If you have any questions regarding Wellhead Protection, please call City Hall at 218-245-1633.


Well Head Protection Plan--Click Here